e-NeTeS – New 21st Century Sales Technology

Welcome to the new sales technology on the internet. Now, very easily, without knowledge of coding and computer systems you can:

    •  build a closed product zone for your clients,
    •  very quickly create a form to gather e-mails,
    •  turn readers into clients,
    •  prepare a campaign,
    •  independently figure out the sales pipeline,

e-NeTeS Will help you build your own, profitable internet business.

In the form, type your login name and email, and email, and I will share new technology with you.

Test NeTeS, which in 4 months generated a few hundred customers.

In the “help” section of e-Netes there are 11 steps to help you attract customers and make money online.

You’re invited – Robert Brzoza

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What does  e-NeTeS include?

Everything you need to earn money on the internet

and automatize sales.

Zone for Clients and Readers

Now you can build any amount of physical products, services, training courses, reports, e-books, and offer them to your clients or subscribers in the closed zone. The system will send them a login and password in order for them to log in to the zone and make use of your material.

Take the clients and readers to an exclusive zone for VIPs.

Thanks to e-NeTeS you can sell physical products or training services

The e-NeTeS system simplifies the sale of any kind of product or service. You can create as many courses, e-books, reports, and products as you want. You can run ad campaigns and special sales.

Every firm which has an offline or online store or service leaves a lot of money in the hands of the competition if it doesn’t use e-NeTeS. Through ad campaigns, you can increase your profits by 100%!

You can share training products after a certain time.

All videos, eBooks, and reports can be shared with customers or users after a certain time. In material edits, you decide for how many days the material will be available for customers or users.

By providing products and training services after a set period of time, customers can go over each module separately each week. In the event that the material is provided free of charge, users are actively entering your e-Netes account to read/view the material.

Super smart shopping cart

We provide you with an intelligent shopping cart.

E-NeTeS cart can be used as:

– a sales page: in the left-hand cart you place a sale offer,

– by phone, in that case, you fill the cart immediately, generate a link to the cart and send it to the customer by email. Everything is done in a few minutes so that the customer can pay immediately,

– sales from a blog or from e-NeTeS: quickly create the cart; address list, product, and price. You then generate a link and link the “Buy Now” graphic to your blog or to the e-NeTeS-built site.

– you build sales funnel in the form of upsells and link them to the cart.

In addition, you can place a clock in the cart that closes the order after a fixed number of days. This way you discipline the customers to pay for the order.

Build Your Upsells

In an intuitive way, you will build a sales funnel. This is the most modern form of sales on the internet. Now you can intelligently offer your customers several products in one sale offer by carrying out four-day advertising campaigns or strong hits.

In our business, Upsells created in e-NeTeS system give us an extra 20-40% of revenue in each web campaign.

Forms and Online Ads Generator

You can easily build a nice e-mail form and paste it into your blog under the article. This will allow you to quickly build an address list.

At the time of ad campaigns, you can simply convert those forms to advertise the products. Within a second, the forms will serve as ads for all blogs.

Without a professional form to collect emails, you will never build an online business!


Autoresponder / Mailing is a system for communicating with your customers and readers. This is where your client’s email is directed to from the form or the purchase. Now you can send one message to thousands of readers (Mailing) or set up a timer to send the messages every few days (Address List). Without this tool, you can not run an e-business.

In our business, e-NeTeS supports more than a dozen thousand readers and customers. We create a chain of emails that are sent automatically to all readers.

Build Your Sales Sites

You can easily build:
pages on the Squeeze Page form,
Sales page: Landing Page
Pages  to build upsells, funnel sales,

e-NeTeS allows you to quickly build web pages. Squeeze Page for listing or Landing Page / Sales Page to sell products and services.

Construction of OTO Sites - One Time Offer

On a regular sales page, the customer can enter as many times as he or she wants. On the OTO site, the client can only enter once. After closing or refreshing the page, he or she will no longer see any more offers at a cheap price.

The next page that the client will see will be the one you attached to the link in the tab: “OTO – Link to Redirect”.

OTO is a unique marketing technique that brings extra profits to your online campaign or as an entry into the OTO of your advertising banner. It motivates the customer to make a quick purchase decision.

Customer Recovery - MailPay

e-NeTeS has a new MailPay feature that will allow you to recover unpaid orders. So far, you’ve lost a lot of ordered but unpaid products. The customer went through the shopping cart, ordered the product, but did not make a payment. MailPay will automatically recover unpaid products.

In our business, this feature recovers 20-40% of unpaid orders!

Ad Campaigns

When you run an advertising campaign, whether in the form of fast sales, four-day sales, quick hits or traditional sales, e-Netes automatically calculates: revenue, costs, profits, investment goal, customer volume, profits lost from unpaid orders, number of unpaid orders, number of purchases using different payment methods , amount of profit in selected currency, ROI.

With this instant data from campaigns, you can instantly respond to poor sales or enjoy great results!

Intuitive Operation of the e-NeTes System

The e-NeTeS system was developed for people who do not like to learn coding and programming languages. In our system, everything is handled intuitively. All you have to do is watch training videos in order to learn how to support your entire system.

e-NeTeS does not need you to hire programmers or computer technicians. It does it all on its own.

See Selected e-Netes Customers Reviews:


“I just set everything up for a penny and made a trial payment and everything works.

It is amazing that I was looking for such a platform and I could not find it anywhere. Just now new companies are emerging where you can create your own platforms with online courses, but without the upsells and such an advanced system, so you fell from the sky. I think this will be a breakthrough product in the market because it can’t be purchased anywhere, let alone a free trial.

It is a pity that there is no affiliate program because I would gladly recommend it for additional benefits, but I will still recommend you to many of my customers because they need such solutions. “

Dominik Jędrzejczak from InnovativeNakkaEbiznesu.pl

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